What is Refocus Minor Hockey?

Refocus Minor HockeyFirst, thank you for taking the time to check this site out. This is a major first step in active and meaningful participation in the discussion of minor hockey. You’re probably already familiar with the debates already going on across the country from body checking to adult behaviour; this is a forum to review it all. So far it’s been fantastic to see such passionate interest in this topic.

Here are some things you should know about Refocus Minor Hockey (RMH):

  • RMH was started as a grassroots movement to tackle issues within minor hockey, while bringing awareness and refocusing energy to its core mission: providing a fun and safe environment for kids to learn and grow, both on and off the ice.
  • RMH is committed to engaging those person(s) who have participated in minor hockey, whether past or current player(s), parent(s), coach(es), volunteer(s) or community member(s) in this discussion.
  • RMH endeavours to find and implement practical solutions to tackle and overcome issues within minor hockey. We understand that these issues vary in depth and degree across the county, therefore recognize participation from all groups is necessary. From Facebook to twitter and right here on our blog, this is a forum to share stories and solutions regarding the state of minor hockey as you see it.

So in other words, if you don’t think there’s a problem within minor hockey, tell us that. If you think kids should be learning body checking, share why. If you think body checking should be banned, tell us why. If you think your child is spending too much time practicing, playing and training for hockey rather than being a kid, express that here. If you think adult behaviour is an issue, share it. If you know there are other issues not being touched on, bring them forward. The thing is, we can’t improve unless we understand that a problem exists (if they exist at all.)

And the truth of the matter is that we can no longer accept arguments such as, “It’s always been this way,” as a means not to take any type of action. It doesn’t matter. If we want to keep this sport (Canada’s sport) relevant and popular for generations to come, we’ve got to participate. Because meaningful change cannot happen unless we’re engaged, talking and moving forward together. This doesn’t mean we have to share the same opinions. We don’t and that’s the best part: different opinions force us to consider all sides of the issue.

We openly encourage debate on the issues. However, the only other thing we ask is that you approach this forum with respect for one-another and an open-mind. And please share any information, news, videos – whatever you have on these topics with one-another.

If you want to learn how you can get involved, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Let’s work together to make hockey less about adults and more about the kids.

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